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What kinds of storage do webcams have?


Smart home surveillance camera, battery network camera and other security monitoring products, for the storage of data is a lot of friends are the most concerned. How to ensure that the video recorded or data collected every day is well preserved, it is related to the storage of the camera head of the surveillance camera battery network. What kinds of storage issues do you know about webcams, battery webcams? Eye video surveillance camera manufacturers small make up and you simple analysis of popular science.

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Network camera, for data or video information storage are the use of hard disk storage, namely each region surveillance cameras, via Ethernet cable connection switches to connect to the video acquisition card is stored on a local computer, time-consuming and laborious, many times because storage computer hard disk failure, all the video all have no.

The current trend of webcams is that they can be stored by memory card or cloud head device on the body, in addition to which they can also connect to the APP on the computer terminal through IP. The three storage methods ensure the security and stability of the user's data retention.

The purchase of surveillance camera in addition to the purchase of large brand manufacturers produced surveillance camera webcam products, but also to choose the preservation of data security, multi-selective manufacturers such as eye video surveillance camera manufacturers.