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What are the webcam parameters that you need to focus on?


Intelligent home electronic products security monitoring occupies a large proportion, users in the purchase of surveillance camera, battery webcam should pay attention to what parameters will not affect the purchase, to choose a good surveillance camera? Eye video network camera manufacturers give you ramble ramble ramble.

Battery webcam

1) focus on the storage function of the surveillance camera

Traditional monitoring idea I, network storage function of the camera head is through the switches connected surveillance cameras connected to the computer again, through the computer to receive the video data, monitoring camera celebration of network cameras are now through the cloud storage or memory device to store data of the fuselage more guarantee the safety of the user data can also view the playback anytime and anywhere.

2) pay attention to the waterproof facilities of the surveillance camera

Most of the surveillance cameras are installed in the outdoor, for the waterproof, rain and snow function device is very important, the great protection measures can better make the surveillance camera stable work.

3) focus on remote connection of surveillance camera

The connection and view method of the surveillance camera is becoming more and more intelligent. It is the highlight of the current surveillance camera to be able to view the situation in the surveillance range anytime and anywhere. Users should fully understand the characteristics of this aspect when choosing the surveillance camera.

4) focus on the night vision function of the surveillance camera

The night vision function of the surveillance camera is an essential feature of the surveillance camera, which can meet the needs of the users for night surveillance.