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Power supply for wireless surveillance cameras


Wireless surveillance camera needs to be connected to WIFI and power supply. Remote monitoring can be achieved by installing wireless surveillance camera APP on the mobile phone.The wireless surveillance camera can be connected to the 220V power supply for power supply. What other ways can be used for power supply?

Wireless surveillance camera

Wireless surveillance cameras in addition to using the 220 v power supply, part of the wireless surveillance cameras can also support solar panels charge, user when choosing wireless surveillance cameras installed if the area is not convenient to connect the power supply, or install the power cord to consider in the choose and buy has solar panels power wireless surveillance cameras, such as long as there is sunshine place can use can be installed.

Wireless surveillance camera

Can your wireless security cameras look back?Sometimes the user has to watch the video back through the phone, right?Therefore, the backview function of a wireless surveillance camera ensures that users can install the wireless surveillance camera APP on their mobile phones to watch back the recorded videos anytime and anywhere.When purchasing wireless surveillance cameras, users can explain their requirements to customer service staff and purchase suitable wireless surveillance cameras.