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The IP camera connects to the computer


Some of my friends know that they can connect to the IP camera by downloading an APP from their phone, but they don't know how to do it if their computer is connected to the IP camera.

 IP camera

1. At present, the motherboard and configuration of desktop computers support the connection of IP camera. The video capture card hardware and software matching the card shall be installed on the motherboard of the computer in advance.

2. The head of the IP camera should be connected with the power line and the video line, and the other end of the video line should be connected to the video capture card.

3, hard disk capacity should be large enough, because a camera a day to record about 3G, multiple cameras and save for a long time, you can use a 1T or 2T hard disk.

4. For remote monitoring, users only need to install the wireless monitoring camera APP on the manufacturer's manual of monitoring ray head and then connect it according to the software prompts.

If the user simply wants to view the video on their computer and doesn't want to connect to a wireless IP camera, they can download the video and play it locally, as well as view or play back the video.