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Indoor wireless IP camera


When choosing a wireless IP camera for indoor installation, what features should you pay attention to?Choose a practical and beautiful indoor wireless IP camera first of all wireless functions need to be considered.

IP camera

The wireless connection saves the trouble of installing the line. The user only needs to find a suitable place to connect the power supply and install it. Monitoring can start through the connection of WIFI.

IP camera

There are two ways to install wireless IP camera: lifting and placing. Users can choose whether to lift or not according to their own habits. They only need to put the camera in an appropriate position, which will not make people feel oppressed and can play a role in monitoring.

IP camera

Mobile detection, whether installed in the indoor or outdoor wireless IP camera movement detection is a must, through the PIR function for abnormal intrusion can be the first time through the mail or SMS push the user to make the user make the corresponding processing, to protect the security of personal property.

In addition to the above features, indoor wireless IP camera also has voice function, different storage methods, look back and other features. Users may choose the appropriate indoor wireless IP camera according to their own needs.