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IP camera has no network


IP camera has no image, do you know why?Many friends have had this problem after using the IP camera for a period of time. Let's take a look at what's going on!

IP camera

1. The power supply of IP camera is insufficient

The switching power supply itself is not enough, resulting in the switching power supply overheating, resulting in thermal protection, check the method to the site of the mold power supply temperature, if the cold is the power supply crash, the solution: replace the power supply;.

2, network camera power supply voltage is not enough

Camera if the image flash phenomenon, can be the power supply voltage is not enough, IP camera that the power is used 12V/2A, with 12V/1A is likely to appear flash, because the power supply is insufficient, need to replace the power supply.

3. The IP camera itself fails.

If only this analog camera appears this fault, it may appear that the internal program of the analog camera crashes, and it will be restored after power failure and restart, mainly caused by bad reset circuit..

4, the construction of the line in reverse

Too fine wire leads to high voltage drop, the analog camera can not be started, the solution is to standardize the construction, with a multimeter camera input voltage and current.

5. The transmission line has power supply

In the video transmission line, if it is lapping with alternating current, it will cause the monitoring camera head and the electrolytic capacitor inside the distributor to charge, thus blocking the output of video signals. I have tested this problem in the laboratory, and also found this problem in several sites.Test method: use multimeter to measure the video cable voltage.Solution: find the power lapping place, the internal full isolation function, is to prevent this phenomenon, and can be up to 220 volts on the video circuit and the equipment is working normally, will not be transferred to the IP camera or the main control room.