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Suitable for living room surveillance camera


    A surveillance camera for your living room needs to be small, voice capable, or high-definition, so is this one for you?Have a look at the one recommended by Xiaobian?

surveillance camera

    Installation is simple and convenient, suitable for installation in the different corners of the living room, can be hoisted or put directly, free installation.

surveillance camera

  How can you reduce the voice function?They can communicate with people in the monitoring area at any time and anywhere through the monitoring camera APP installed on their mobile phones.

surveillance camera

  Are you still worried that no one will watch at your house?Are you still worried that you won't know what's going on at home when you walk away?The PIR movement detection function of the surveillance camera can push the captured dynamic information to the user through short message or email message in the first time, so that the user can make the corresponding position in the first time.If the surveillance camera used at home is used in the indoor room or the living room, Xiaobian suggests that you choose a small type, which will not bring too much pressure to the user but also play the role of device decoration.