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Remote HD surveillance camera


     Today Guyu, it's April all of a sudden, have you chosen the surveillance camera installed in your home?Remote HD surveillance camera, can be viewed remotely by mobile phone, video clear and not blurred.The remote voice can be recorded through the monitoring camera APP installed on the mobile phone. There are various storage methods to make the video recorded every day more secure and stable.

 HD surveillance camera

     Anjuju cloud storage and body memory card storage, so that the video recorded every day more secure, more stable storage.2048*1536 resolution of 3 million full HD picture quality, even if the local amplification is still clear, anytime and anywhere you can view any position.

HD surveillance camera

    Starlight infrared night vision, night is also clear at a glance.Four 940NM patch infrared lamps have an effective distance of 7 meters, and the picture quality is still clear at zero light source. Users do not need to worry about the problem that they can see clearly in the daytime and become blurred and dark at night.

HD surveillance camera

    Can only be viewed through the surveillance camera installed on the phone?The answer is wrong, this HD surveillance camera can be viewed through Android, Apple, PC and other system operating tools, anytime and anywhere to check the different monitoring situation, to meet your different habits.Choose a high-definition surveillance camera to increase security at home or at work.