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Troubleshoot webcam sound problems


    More and more users feel the convenience of wireless network camera after using wireless network camera, have replaced the old network camera installed before the wireless network camera, the operation becomes simple, view is also more convenient.Some users do not buy network cameras like Huiyan video brand, after a period of time, there is no sound, should topic subject check?

 wireless network camera

    First, the pickup problem

    First check the connection method of pickup audio signal output. The audio input connector of the general network camera is the headset connector of 3.5, so the corresponding pickup audio signal cable should be converted into the headset connector of 3.5.If it is confirmed to be mono, the positive pole of the pickup is connected to the positive pole of 3.5, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole.If you have a two-channel case, there will be three cores, the pickup negative terminal connected to the 3.5 negative terminal, and the positive terminal connected to the 3.5 connector corresponding to the other two cores, respectively, the left and right channels.

 wireless network camera

    2. Port problems

    Another situation is that the audio input of some brands of network cameras has LINE and MIC input at the same time. That is to say, an audio input port may be LINE on the left and MIC on the right. In this case, the left and right channels can not be connected together and connected to 3.5.For example, the negative pole or connect the negative pole, the positive pole is connected 3.5 joints of one of them, and then listen to the sound is normal, if not normal, for another audio line to connect.The left and right channels can not be parallel, and it is forbidden to use mono 3.5 joints, must use double channel joints.

    If the above methods can not solve the problem of wireless network camera, xiaobian suggests that users consult sales customer service or wireless network camera manufacturers to apply for after-sales service or the wireless network camera down to the electrical repair shop to repair.