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Computer cameras and all that


    Under the epidemic situation, online classes, online Canton Fair, website interviews and live streaming of Internet celebrities all need cameras. A plug and play USB computer camera can well solve the needs of these work. Do you know what functions a high-end USB camera has?

USB camera

    2 million pixel hd USB computer camera, hd resolution can meet the needs of users online classes, live, online interview, many users in the use of USB computer camera have found their USB computer camera pixel is not clear, xiaobian think USB computer camera is not clear should be low resolution.

    Built-in microphone USB computer camera, users do not need to connect another microphone, a direct USB camera can solve the call needs.

    Automatic noise reduction, beauty function, USB computer camera with the use of software can achieve noise reduction, beauty function, for selfie or live users is the most perfect choice.

   USB computer camera in addition to hd, built-in microphone, beauty and noise reduction functions in addition to the plug and play surface driver, users in the use of USB computer camera no longer need to find another USB computer camera driver.