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Monitor camera voice calls


    Can the security cameras talk? Haikang class surveillance cameras can not two-way call, in some cases to bring some trouble to life, your home installed surveillance camera can two-way voice call? Xiaobian to recommend you this support two-way call surveillance camera.

surveillance camera.

    Surveillance cameras communication support, users only need to install the surveillance cameras in place, connected to the power supply, mobile phone scan qr code to download surveillance camera APP, after can be installed according to the prompt by monitoring camera APP and monitoring area of the user real-time communication can stop in an emergency, or guide the user operation some work, For the company, production workshop and other important places have great convenience.

    Does the surveillance camera support several users looking in different places at the same time? Some users do not know that their own surveillance camera supports several users to watch in real time after installing the surveillance camera. It seems that the general surveillance camera supports 3 to 5 users to watch at the same time, which can be achieved by sharing the main account.