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Can the camera see at night?


    Many friends find that their surveillance cameras can work normally during the day and at night if they don't turn on the light, they can't see clearly, or they can't see anything white. Xiaobian thinks that this is the reason why the surveillance cameras don't have night vision.

surveillance camera

    The night market function of the surveillance camera can be automatically switched based on different scenarios. Users do not need to manually switch functions. If the surveillance camera used by the user needs to turn on the light or a blank at night, xiaobian recommends that the user consult the after-sales manufacturer of the surveillance camera to deal with the problem.

    PIR function of surveillance camera, some users find their own installed surveillance camera will not automatically record can not wake up, xiaobian seems to be the user this surveillance camera does not have the PIR function or the PIR module has bad contact caused, xiaobian suggests that users find surveillance camera after-sales manufacturers to consult and deal with the problem.