Welcome to Shenzhen Smarteye Digital Electronics Co., Ltd


OEM Service (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Smarteye supports OEM model.  The Customers provide hardware & software, or even raw materials, and Smarteye only charges for processing cost (including management cost).  Smarteye can also help purchasing all raw materials if necessary.  In addition to this Smarteye can assist other technical cooperation, for example process improvement, prototype trial production conversion, and the customers bear for the extra costs.
ODM Service(Original Design Manufacture)
Smarteye is a manufacturer with the ability of new line products development & production definition, a producer of mass production, and a seller of security cameras.  The Customers can choose the existing neutral standard products, and also can ask for some workable customized requirements, including imprinting logo, new specified package, adding some technical functions,… etc.
JDM Service (Joint Design Manufacture)
With self-owned Industrial Design Department Smarteye can work together with the customers for New Product Planning and Design, as well as in charge of purchase and hardware production.  This type of cooperation can help accelerate the development of new products, and maximum use the respective advantages of each part.