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what is an ip cameras?


        To make it simple, IP Cameras is an Internet Protocol Camera, it transmits and receives data (video streaming) over a network or internet. The IP camera connects to a network in the same way as printers, mobile devices, tablets, or laptops do. IP Camera is a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a network connection in order to transfer images. 

IP Cameras

   IP Cameras work by capturing continuous images and transmit them over the network to your mobile or desired destination. It can be used with wired network by connecting the router to your IP Cameras with ethernet cable, or wirelessly via a wifi router which is more popular.

IP cameras

How to set up an IP Cameras?

    Setting up your IP Camera is very simple. Most of them are plug and play, plug in the power cord if needed or if it uses battery then no need for the power cord too. Then connect them to your home network and set up a few things in mobile app (depending on the brand) then you’re good to go. The majority of IP Cameras on the market can provide 

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