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The use of surveillance camera in traffic?


     According to incomplete statistics, the current growth rate of private cars in China is constantly increasing, the traffic situation in China is also increasingly serious, and the management and regulation of expressways are also under heavy pressure. In order to further improve the management level of expressways and make them play the maximum efficiency, in recent years, the field of expressways is increasingly inclined to use infrared surveillance camera intelligent technology to assist Assistant management, such as event detection and analysis, traffic flow detection, license plate recognition and so on.

surveillance cameras

    Due to the large number of image information in the highway monitoring center, the human observation and monitoring can not find the events on the highway in time, such as vehicle retrograde, vehicle jam, etc., but when the intelligent management of the monitoring camera is adopted, the security monitoring system will integrate the event detection and analysis system through the monitoring camera, when the road is in abnormal condition, the monitoring center will immediately alarm and display the picture Switch to the alarm site to ensure that the on duty personnel of the command center can discover the incident face in time and reduce the frequency of the accident. Infrared surveillance camera is also widely used in license plate recognition of highway management. It can be made into license plate recognition system by using surveillance camera. Through the path recognition function of license plate recognition system, it can ensure the correct rate of route and charge. In addition, infrared surveillance camera is also used in traffic detection of expressway.

    Because of the high speed, large traffic and far away from the urban area, the expressway can not be controlled at any time by manpower alone. It has become the consensus of the operation and management parties to use the technology with higher added value for operation and management. With the continuous expansion of the highway network and the continuous improvement of management requirements, infrared surveillance cameras will certainly play an important role in the future traffic management.