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Smart home surveillance camera


      Nowadays, there are more and more smart home devices, but for our ordinary people, intelligent monitoring devices are more useful for maintenance. No matter what we consider, we are useful for intelligent monitoring cameras, such as monitoring parking spaces, monitoring pets, monitoring warehouses, etc. there are many places we can use.

wireless surveillance cameras

     Now we are dazzled by the number of surveillance cameras in the market, so how can we choose a suitable surveillance camera for ourselves.

   First of all, let's talk about how to choose from the purpose. If it's for home use and the number is less than five, we can choose to buy wireless WiFi monitoring camera. This kind of camera is more convenient for home use. It doesn't need wiring. It only needs no wire router and power supply, which saves the trouble of wiring.

   If there are many rooms with large area, considering the stability of the signal, we need to add router or adopt wired camera according to the actual situation. Wired camera is generally applicable to places with large monitoring range and many monitoring points, because this kind of camera is born for better monitoring, and it is also relatively difficult to compare the price when used. If the field wiring is not In a very troublesome situation, we only need to buy cameras, power supply, network cable, router and video hard disk, which can also be replaced by computer hard disk.

   If there are many monitoring points, and they are far away from each other, and the wiring is troublesome, we can also use wireless surveillance cameras or battery surveillance cameras, which can save the trouble of power wiring, and the connection signal is stable.