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Is it better to choose wired or wireless for surveillance ca


Are wireless surveillance cameras wired or wireless?Many users find that the price of wireless surveillance cameras is dozens of yuan more than that of wired surveillance cameras when they look at the price of surveillance cameras.In the purchase of the total entanglement is the choice of cable or wireless good?

 wireless surveillance cameras

Security monitoring products of surveillance cameras in the current market all integrate wireless module and wired connection function by default, and users only need to choose according to their own usage scenarios.

 wireless surveillance cameras

For surveillance cameras installed outdoors, users can consider choosing wireless surveillance cameras with WIFI antenna. Users can use WIFI connection if the hot spot is close to the surveillance camera, and can connect the network cable if the distance between the hot spot and the surveillance camera is far.

 wireless surveillance cameras

For the installation of indoor surveillance cameras, it is recommended that users use wireless surveillance cameras, on the one hand, to meet the use of security monitoring requirements, on the other hand, can also avoid wiring brought messy scenes.Therefore, users can choose surveillance cameras according to their use occasions and needs, and they don't have to choose between wired surveillance cameras or wireless surveillance cameras.