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Does the IP camera have sound


Does the IP camera have sound?Does the home IP camera have sound?Many users do not know the performance of their IP camera after they buy and install it. They have been asking whether the IP camera they use at home has sound.

IP camera

At present, almost all IP cameras sold in the market are equipped with MIC. Users can install the APP of surveillance camera to talk to people in the monitoring area through their mobile phones. IP cameras are equipped with MIC, which is very convenient for the use of company factories and home environment.

IP camera

IP camera video storage, is also the most concerned about the user, the general way of storage of surveillance camera video are through the body memory card storage or anju cloud storage two ways, the default can be installed through the body memory card storage.After an IP camera APP is installed on a mobile phone, 3 to 5 users can use the APP account through sharing, and monitor and view in the same or different regions at the same time.