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The IP camera connects to the phone


Do I need to use a peanut shell to connect the IP camera to the phone?Now the wireless IP camera or wired IP camera does not need to be connected through the transfer or third-party software, now mobile remote monitoring has become the standard IP camera, everyone wants to real-time monitoring through the mobile phone.IP camera installation is also becoming more and more simple, even if it is a small white monitoring, just read the manual, a few steps can be easily installed.Today IP camera manufacturers small series to introduce you how to quickly connect IP camera with mobile phone steps.

IP camera

Step 1: Download and install the IP camera to match the phone APP (the camera APP of each IP camera manufacturer is different).

Step 2: Connect to the power source of the IP camera. At this point, the IP camera will generate a wifi, usually beginning with IPCAM.

Step 3: Then go back to the phone that has just installed the APP, open the phone WLAN, find the IP camera AP hotspot IPCAM-XXXXXX wifi, and click connect. In the locked state, the password is 01234567, and the password is empty without locking. Connect to the CAMERA'S AP hotspot.

Step 4: Open the installed APP, click on the main interface to add IP camera;Click on the LAN search UID, and then click on the device searched for.

Step 5: Click the ID of the IP camera and enter the default password of admin.Click Finish;Go back to the list of software devices and click on the added device to see the image. 

Step 6: Set the wireless network connection of IP camera. Click the LIST of IP cameras to enter the IP Camera Settings and click the wifi Settings.Enter the management wifi network, find the wifi in your home to enter the password;A check mark at the end of the wireless network indicates that the wireless network is connected.