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Can IP camera adjust direction?


Can the IP camera adjust the Angle?Can your IP camera rotate at different angles for different needs?When users use the IP camera, they find that the IP camera they use at home wants to see different angles but just can't meet the needs of rotation.When buying an IP camera, should I choose one that can rotate or one that can't?

IP camera

The IP camera that can be rotated is a device with a cradle head. Users can install the monitoring camera APP on their mobile phone and rotate the APP to control the IP camera to view different monitoring areas from the horizontal Angle up and down.

IP camera

Generally speaking, the common place with the CRADLE head IP camera is indoor, such as home or office. The effect of monitoring and covering all areas can be achieved through an IP camera. For outdoor installation, users can choose IP camera with and without the cradle head according to their own needs and budgets.