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IP Camera of Choice


Traditional monitoring wiring trouble, IP camera, greatly facilitate the use of monitoring, can be watched directly on the mobile phone, IP camera can be conveniently applied in the care of children, the elderly and pets, of course, can also be used as a home care, to prevent theft of powerful products.Here are a few points to pay attention to when choosing an IP camera for your home.

IP camera

1. Resolution of household IP camera

At present, the resolution of intelligent IP camera in the market can be divided into the following three types:480 p, 720 p and 1080 p, 480 p resolution intelligent IP camera although the price is low, the low resolution images look very fuzzy, belong to "gas" in intelligent IP camera low-end products, while 720 p resolution are common in the smart cameras on the market, quality to achieve accurate level of hd, actually also will be enough for home users, but with the constant iteration of intelligent IP camera products, support 1080 p IP camera has begin to occupy the mainstream position, in order to look more clear video images,Choosing the 1080P version of the smart IP camera should be the first choice.


IP camera

Generally speaking, there are three modes when wireless IP camera adjusts the picture quality, which are generally smooth, high definition and super clear. In fact, these three modes cannot directly represent the picture quality of the camera, but a relatively vague statement.For small white users, don't be fooled by the so-called super clear, it does not mean that this IP camera has a 1080P image quality.

IP camera


2. The viewing Angle of wireless IP camera is very important

The breadth of the wireless IP camera Angle, if shot wide Angle smaller, relatively small space, this space in the home to capture area is greatly limited, with the author's actual situation, the current use of intelligent camera wide-angle lens is 100 °, so the shooting range is limited, the basic can only monitor to the images of the sitting room, is not suitable for family monitoring.

This is all for fixed wireless IP cameras.If consumers want the smart camera to see a wider range of angles, we suggest you buy an IP camera with a cradle head.

3. Wireless IP camera video storage mode

Wireless IP camera storage is generally divided into local storage and cloud storage, both have advantages and disadvantages, users can choose a suitable for their own USE of THE IP camera storage mode.

 IP camera

4, plus the intelligent function of home wireless IP camera

With the continuous development of wireless IP cameras, their functions are also constantly enriched. Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, they are more intelligent, and these functions play a very prominent role in practice.For example, a wail detection function can detect when a baby is crying properly at home, and a video of a health alert can be sent quickly to a parent's phone to prevent the baby from becoming dangerous.It also has the function of motion detection. When abnormal movement occurs in the home, the monitoring situation will be sent to the family's mobile phone in a timely manner, realizing the round-the-clock continuous monitoring.When choosing wireless surveillance camera, you can consider the effect or function you need. Only by choosing wireless surveillance camera that meets your own needs, can IP camera play a better role.