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IP camera sharpness


Is the IP camera clear?A lot of users feel a blur when using the IP camera, always wondering if they have bought a fake IP camera.It seems that this situation has something to do with IP camera sharpness.

IP Camera

IP camera resolution is generally from before 1920 x720 increased 1920 x1080, now is even higher, IP camera pixels in more than 2 million, but for hd resolution broadband IP camera usage is relatively large, if home when users in the use of the broadband bandwidth is lower, or the use of mobile data, there will be a relatively card, can according to their own needs real-time adjustment of surveillance camera view resolution.

IP camera

How many users can a main IP camera account share at the same time?In general, a wireless surveillance camera main account can share 3 to 5 users in different areas of real-time monitoring.