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The computer camera blinks


Computer cameras can be roughly divided into two types, one is the built-in camera of laptop, the other is a separate purchase of USB camera.In fact, the camera installation is very simple. If it is a USB camera, just connect the camera via USB cable to the USB port at the back of the computer host, and then install the camera driver to use.If it's a laptop, it usually has a built-in camera, so you just need to install a driver.To be exact, installing the camera is mainly a matter of connecting the camera to the computer and then driving the installation.But do you still need to install a driver for USB PC camera now?

USB camera

Hd, Beauty, auto focus, no drive, plug and play are now the standard USB camera of all computers. Are you still trying to find the driver for the USB camera you bought?I suggest you replace the USB camera of this computer and install it at one time to solve all the problems.

USB camera

Computer USB camera are compatible with what system?Software?Computer USB camera is compatible with common systems and common software of users, such as common foreign trade software such as SKYPE and FACEBOOK, and office communication software such as Nail.