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Night vision for surveillance cameras


    Can you see your security cameras at night?Is there any infrared function?Some users who buy surveillance cameras on the Internet for cheap will never be able to see them at night, and have been very upset. Today, I recommend this surveillance camera to solve your confusion.

security cameras

    The surveillance camera is equipped with the environment scene switching function, which can automatically switch between day and night. Users do not need to manually switch through the surveillance camera APP installed on the phone, so as to solve the trouble that users often struggle to see at night, which is like a blind area.There is no difference between day and night with the infrared lights on the surveillance cameras.

security cameras

    Are there any special requirements for the use of this surveillance camera?Is there a limit to one place?The answer is no limit, as long as the user has installed the surveillance camera, no matter where you are, you can clearly look back through the relevant device or monitor an area in real time.