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IP camera storage


What does the IP camera store?Common PC local storage and IP camera body memory card storage, part of the IP camera can also be stored through anju Cloud network storage.

IP camera

Will the IP camera memory card automatically overwrite the previous video if the memory card is full?Small make up it seems that under normal circumstances, after the IP camera body memory card stored full of memory, will be automatically overwritten, if the user did not add anju cloud storage, suggest regular backup of memory card video, or use a large capacity memory card, the frequency of backup is relatively less.

 IP camera   

Can I view the recorded video online?Can I review the video from the IP camera online?Some friends wondered if they could watch the previous video online when they were out of town.In general, IP camera supports this function can be viewed online. If the user can't view it when using it, they should consult the after-sale service of IP camera or customer service.