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IP camera maintenance


In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of security IP camera, regular maintenance of security IP camera equipment is required to ensure that each component of the monitoring system is in a normal state.Security monitoring equipment is just like our cars, which need regular maintenance. Some users ignore the maintenance of security IP camera equipment and think it is a waste of time. Based on our years of experience in monitoring equipment maintenance, most of the monitoring system failures are related to inadequate equipment maintenance, such as poor contact.As a user, how to maintain security IP camera equipment?

IP camera

I. Clean and dust the equipment regularly.Generally, the IP camera and monitoring host are dusted once every three months. The lens shall be wiped clean with alcohol and the focal length shall be adjusted to ensure the clear monitoring picture.

2. Inspect all video joints once a month. If there is any false welding or bad contact, deal with it immediately; if some surveillance pictures are gently moved, there will be no image or unclear wiring.

Three, the monitor in the process of operation easy to absorb dust, easy to result in equipment failure, we need to once every three to monitor dust removal, and anhydrous alcohol to wipe the screen and the shell, IP camera clear regular maintenance, for the protection of the monitoring work of cameras has a lot of help, if your IP camera appeared blurred image or response delay, etc that are typically require you to check the maintenance IP camera.