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Which IP camera is suitable?


Do you know what features are required for wireless IP camera?Voice, waterproof, you know what else?Some friends are confused about which IP camera to choose when facing different wireless IP cameras.Let's take a look!

 IP camera

Voice function, voice function of IP camera, users can use the IP camera APP installed on the phone to communicate with users or family members in the monitoring area in real time.

IP camera

Mobile detection, IP camera as a security monitoring product, mobile detection function is naturally indispensable, in case of abnormal intrusion, IP camera can send out an alarm in the first time and push it to the user through SMS or email, so that the user can make the corresponding processing.

IP camera

Wireless monitoring camera installation environment is different, some users installed in outdoor be clean by the rain, so the IP65 waterproof function, nature cannot do without the user when choosing wireless surveillance cameras may not need too entangled with functional, as long as can meet your use demand, there is no need to use special note which a wireless surveillance cameras.