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Wireless IP cameras connect to the network


Wired IP camera, through the connection of network cable can directly realize the IP camera and local computer line of sight security monitoring needs, then wireless IP camera do you know how to connect to the network?How should a wireless IP camera be connected to the Internet?

IP camera

First of all, make sure that the wireless router is installed when installing the wireless IP camera, so as to meet the need of using WIFI.

1) Fix the wireless IP camera in an appropriate position and connect it to the power supply. If it is a battery surveillance camera, install the battery or solar charging panel.

2) Scan the QR code on the manual, download the wireless IP camera APP, and select the appropriate supporting device

3) According to the prompts, enter the WIFI password to connect to the network


The connection of wireless IP camera is relatively simple compared with the connection of wired surveillance camera. There is no tedious wiring and installation project, which greatly facilitates the installation and use of users and is suitable for the installation and use of the general public.If you still have to deal with the tedious installation work, it is advisable to replace the wireless IP camera once and for all.