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Do IP cameras all have these features


Does your IP camera belong to Xiaomi?Huawei's?Or 10086 China Mobile?How about this IP camera produced by this manufacturer?Is there any difference with other IP cameras?

IP camera

High definition is a major feature of IP camera. The resolution of 1920X1080 satisfies all video high definition experience.

IP camera

IP camera voice function, to meet your two-way call needs, users can at any time through the mobile phone installed monitoring camera APP and monitoring area users two-way call, no limit on time and place.

 IP camera

Missing an important picture?That has no problem, you can look back at any time, you can download the video to the local through a variety of players to look back, safe and assured.IP camera in addition to HD, voice, back to the function of waterproof, PRI movement detection and other functions to meet the daily needs of various security monitoring users, you are still using the traditional IP camera can not be remote monitoring?It is recommended that you replace it with a wireless IP camera to manage your life easily.