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IP camera installation should pay attention to these


Indoor IP camera you will install, know what kind of style to choose for indoor home use, then for outdoor installation of IP camera, you know what to pay attention to?Let's take a look!

IP battery camera

1. Installation location

IP camera installation do not close to the steam or heating and cold air conditioning outlet, it is easy to produce condensation, make IP camera water and water mist can not be dispersed for a long time.

2. Water conduction problem

IP camera special attention should be paid to the outdoor installation of problem is fixed bracket, a lot of people when installing a IP camera, often will be installed on the fixed frame is higher than the cable junction box, in the end of a IP camera line into the box and not from the junction box below into the vertical line or to waterproof processing, so that often occur as the rain of the tail pipe through the hose into the junction box (box), light person caused by short circuit, or transmission and camera equipment fire damage.I hope you pay attention to these two aspects when installing IP cameras outdoors.Only pay attention to avoid some problems of IP camera when installing, can effectively prolong its service life.