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Surveillance camera connection and sharing


How does the surveillance camera monitor remotely?Many friends do not know that their surveillance cameras can be remotely monitored after purchasing the installation of surveillance cameras, nor do they know that their surveillance cameras can be shared with different users and different places to view at the same time.

surveillance camera

How does the surveillance camera connect to the phone?Many of my friends are struggling with how to connect their mobile phones.After installing the monitoring camera, the user only needs to download and install the APP that scans the instructions of the monitoring camera on the mobile phone, and then operate according to the prompts to connect the monitoring camera.

surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras can be monitored remotely so a surveillance camera can be viewed by several users at the same time?In general, a surveillance camera APP can be shared by three to five users at the same time.Other users can log in by using the APP login account shared by the main user.