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How about this wireless surveillance camera?


Which wireless surveillance camera do you use for home use?Are you still using the traditional big surveillance cameras?Still under the weight of the security cameras?Well, how about you try this little wireless surveillance camera?

wireless surveillance camera

Home installed surveillance cameras for small, functional.HD is a big highlight, 1920X1080 to meet the needs of high-definition view, compatible with Apple and Android system to meet your different needs.

wireless surveillance camera

Anti-theft function, no matter where the monitoring camera is installed PIR movement detection function is not less, many friends do not know their installation of wireless surveillance camera also has this function, it is recommended that you can look at the manual Settings oh.

wireless surveillance camera

Voice function, you still think only mobile phone video can voice?Surveillance cameras can also be voice enabled.No matter where you are, you can make voice calls with users in the monitoring area through the surveillance camera APP installed on your mobile phone.The surveillance camera installed in the home also has many functions, such as wireless connection, account sharing, video viewing, email push, etc., users can slowly experience oh.