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Home surveillance camera wired or wireless better?


Wireless network cameras need to work with wireless routers, which require access to the Internet.Advantages of using WiFi or wireless network camera: no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient, the Internet cost is relatively low.This kind of home network camera is the trend and mainstream of market development.

The wired network camera works when plugged directly into an Internet-enabled port or router.Advantages of using wired network camera: mature technology, direct transplant of industrial network camera technology, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, low Internet cost.Disadvantage is the installation of complex, need wiring, can only be accessed through the computer, the use of limited scope, has not been suitable for modern family use.

 IP camera

From the above situation, for home monitoring cameras, it is recommended to use more wireless monitoring.There are also some benefits to choosing wireless for home surveillance cameras:

1) To make the indoor home more tidy, the use of wireless monitoring camera, save the trouble of wiring, installed in the indoor monitoring camera does not need to connect to the network cable can be achieved through the connection of WIFI monitoring.

2) Wireless surveillance camera makes installation easier.Wireless monitoring camera installation as long as two steps, one fixed monitoring camera, mobile phone scan wireless monitoring camera manual download APP installation can be connected according to the prompt, simple and convenient, old people and children will use.

3) Traditional surveillance cameras generally need to be fixed connected to the computer to store video. Wireless surveillance cameras and network cameras can be stored through the memory card installed on the body or through AnjuCloud network, so that the video recorded every day is more stable and safe.