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How to use the wireless network camera


      Do you know how to use a wireless network camera?In a lot of time on the bus can be seen in the driver's front and bus off the position are equipped with wireless network cameras, in some public places such as shops, Wanda Plaza are equipped with different network cameras, these wireless network cameras are how to connect to use?

ip camera

     More and more closer to the New Year draws near, many friends, because of the outbreak can't go home only through WeChat video telephone calls or the family, but some of the poor old man's house for smart phones can't operation, so the installation of a wireless network camera in addition to can rise to the need of security monitoring, can also act as the role of video communication.

IP battery camera

1) The installation of the wireless network camera is similar. It is the first wireless network camera is fixed in the appropriate installation position. If the battery wireless network camera is fixed, then it is connected to the battery panel.

2) Scan the QR code of the wireless network camera manual with the mobile phone and download the wireless network camera APP after installation and connect according to the prompts.