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Summer wear - Bluetooth neck fan


On the last day of March, the weather was unusually hot, and many commuters had to experience a long wait time when taking the subway.Sweating has always been the standard at this time, if there is a portable fan can be a good reprieve this situation?

neck fan

In addition to cooling, the Bluetooth neck fan also has built-in 5.1 Bluetooth assembly, which can be directly connected with the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.Users can not only free their hands to enjoy the cool but also enjoy the music.

neck fan

The wind speed of bluetooth neck fan is adjustable in three gears. Users can adjust corresponding gears to experience different coolness according to their own needs.

Bluetooth neck hanging fan full adhesive flexible arm, which Angle can be close to the skin and not easy to break.The hot season has started, if you are still sweating every day because of the bus and subway, if you are still feeling tired because of the small fan in your hand, then I suggest you use this Bluetooth neck hanging fan, it will give you a new experience.