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Indoor HD camera


Choose a surveillance camera for indoor use at home, be sure to choose a small product.The surveillance camera installed in the room must be wireless connection, must be able to memory card connection, then how about this one?

Full HD surveillance camera

With built-in HD MIC, users can make real-time calls with the monitoring camera APP installed on the phone and users in the monitoring area.

2 million HD resolution, 1920X1080 resolution, every frame is HD, free to enjoy a new visual enjoyment.

Full HD surveillance camera

     Infrared night vision, automatic switch night can also see clearly, with movement detection, for abnormal situations can be timely feedback to the user through mobile phone email reminder, make relevant preparations.

    Surveillance camera supports multi-platform and multi-angle sharing and viewing at the same time on tablet, mobile phone and desktop computer. No matter when and where you can talk with the monitoring personnel to view some situations, making life more convenient and safer.