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Home security cameras installed like this?


    Home surveillance camera is different from the camera installed in public places, its application scope is mainly in family life, so the matters needing attention when choosing home surveillance camera will also be different from the ordinary camera;For civil monitoring, high-definition, easy installation of these are its advantages can not be ignored, it is to protect the family, care of the family is an important technical means, so in the choice of home surveillance camera, there are some aspects to pay attention to?

 Home surveillance camera

1. Understand the Angle of the surveillance camera

    Install surveillance cameras in the home, in addition to the security role, there is a very important reason is the care of pet or family members, so the camera monitoring point is about to undertake choosing according to different monitoring area, do not blind area as far as possible, if it is installed in the outdoor garden, can also be appropriate to install one or two more, import and export, garage, garden for monitoring of all,For example, select a rotatable surveillance camera with a cradle head.

 Home surveillance camera

2) Complete video storage of surveillance cameras

    If conditions permit, families can choose to upload the surveillance video to the cloud in real time, so that they are not afraid of the loss of the surveillance video after the surveillance is damaged. For ordinary surveillance needs, they can use a large-capacity memory card and then backup the video in real time.Therefore, when choosing a surveillance camera, it is recommended to choose a security monitoring product with a safe cloud and a memory card supported by the body.

  Home surveillance camera

3) Choose a surveillance camera that is easy to install

    Because ordinary families are equipped with surveillance cameras, they are divided into two different environments: indoor and outdoor.So in the choice of home surveillance camera to find out, the choice of the camera is installed in the outdoor or indoor, if it is outdoor, then you need better waterproof, moisture-proof function, and because of the outdoor network interference factors more, so it is best to choose to install wired surveillance camera.In addition, it is recommended to choose simple products to facilitate the elderly at home to understand how to operate the installation.