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Can all the surveillance cameras rotate manually?


        Can the surveillance camera rotate?Can the surveillance camera control the rotation of the camera to view different angles through the surveillance camera APP installed on the phone?Xiaobian seems that if a surveillance camera with a pan-head device function, you can achieve the user needs to manually rotate to view different angles.

 surveillance camera

     The monitoring camera is equipped with the body cradle, and the user can control the monitoring camera to rotate at different angles in the horizontal and vertical directions to view different ranges through the monitoring camera APP installed on the phone.

     With the pan-head surveillance camera for the company or home users to use more convenient, keep the indoor clean, users do not need to install multiple surveillance cameras, only need a pan-head surveillance camera can cover every corner of the whole living room.Are you still bothered by the limited coverage of security cameras in your home?Replace the surveillance camera on this pan-head and look wherever you want.