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How to install the surveillance camera?


      First, to determine the monitoring area, so as to determine the installation location of the monitoring camera, the monitoring camera is recommended to be installed in 3-5 meters, the suggestion is: outdoor 3.5 meters, indoor 2.5 meters, which is mainly for two considerations: 1, in order to achieve better monitoring effect, 2, to facilitate the maintenance of the monitoring camera later!


 HD outdoor surveillance camera

      Two, after selecting the appropriate position, the monitoring camera bracket is used to determine the position that needs to be installed, and then the drilling and fixing are carried out in the determined range. The swelling plug is inserted into the small hole and the camera bracket is fixed with self-tapping wire.In order to avoid the shaking of the surveillance camera in the late stage, it must be fixed when installing.

IP camera

      Three, after the bracket is fixed, the monitoring camera can be fixed on the bracket, and then the monitoring Angle can be adjusted according to the need to monitor the area. The monitoring Angle includes: up, up, down, these different angles can be selected in the wrong monitoring environment, or a variety of combinations.After the monitoring camera is fixed and connected to the power supply, the mobile phone can scan the monitoring camera APP in the manual, and the screen will appear according to the prompts.