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What function does the video doorbell camera have?


  Recently a friend looked at the visual doorbell camera after all feel very magical, visual doorbell camera in addition to the visual function and what special function?Is there any difference in use and installation?

visual doorbell camera

   Visual doorbell camera back with industrial grade 3M glue, simple and convenient installation can be directly glued to the right position, especially suitable for installation on the wooden door and some places that are not suitable for punching, cloud storage storage storage video, video security, forced demolition alarm, no longer have to worry about the visual doorbell was removed.

   It is powered by 5200mAh aluminum battery and can last for 3 months on a single charge. It adopts intelligent power-saving chip technology and has a long battery life. When you are on a business trip for a long time, you don't have to worry about low power, and the APP will provide a low power reminder notification for circular charging.

   Visual doorbell camera, resolution and pixel nature can not be too low, this visual doorbell camera has 2 million pixels 1920X1080 resolution, combined with 110 degrees of wide Angle record in front of the situation, color is more real, the image is clearer.If you still want to experience the other features of the video doorbell camera, Xiaobian suggests that you can buy this video doorbell camera, to a close contact.In depth.