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Network surveillance camera problem


The network monitoring camera greatly facilitates the user's life experience and provides a professional guarantee for home safety.However, some friends always have some trouble when using the network surveillance camera because they change their house or place after using it for a period of time. Let's take a look!

network monitoring camera

1) Can't search for network surveillance cameras on your phone?

When installing the network monitoring camera again, it is found that the network monitoring camera APP installed on the phone can not search the camera. Xiaobian suggests that you can uninstall the network monitoring camera APP and reinstall the connection.

2) Did the network surveillance camera forget the login account password?

User after the installation of surveillance cameras is used by the function of account sharing, sharing for the rest of the family use, usually a network cameras can share the use of 3-5 users, some users may be changing the phone after a password cannot be used now or account has expired allows redistribution after primary account user to delete accounts,If the main account cannot be used, the user can reset the network monitoring camera.