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Outdoor waterproof camera


     Outdoor waterproof webcam, solve the problem that you install outside to deal with bad rain and snow weather.Does the outdoor webcam installed in your home feel foggy or foggy during the rainy season?Some users find that webcams installed outside the home are particularly unclear in rainy weather, or that the lens is foggy and hard to see.

Outdoor waterproof webcam

    IP65 waterproof function, is to solve the user network camera lens blurred in the rainy season can not see the problem of water mist.Users in the purchase of outdoor network camera recommended to consult the relevant customer service to understand whether there is waterproof function, so as not to find this situation after the installation and use.

Outdoor waterproof webcam

   Network camera video storage method, how to achieve security and stability, users can choose to have the body memory card and AnjuCloud network storage two functional devices, in the process of installation and use, if the outdoor network camera is damaged, users can also through AnjuCloud storage back to watch the video timely understand the situation.

    Network cameras night vision function, part of the network camera for outdoor installation environment is different, when the dark night light to monitor the effect will be affected, infrared night vision function can well improve the situation, the user need to pay attention to when choosing outdoor IP camera, outdoor IP camera have this function.