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HD battery camera


      It's summer vacation, and it's important for farm owners to worry about damage to their orchards' fruit.Network camera connection The network can be connected wirelessly through WiFi, but as an electronic product, the network camera needs to be connected to the power supply. In order to deal with the problem of inconvenient cable pulling, it is recommended that you use a solar cell camera.

Network camera

     The solar cell network camera can be used for a long time by connecting the solar panel. The user does not need to pull the power cord or take the battery network camera off regularly to charge the battery, which completely solves the problem of installing the network camera in the mountain orchard.

    The solar cell network camera also supports IP65 waterproof function to cope with a variety of harsh installation environment.Especially in mountainous areas or scenic areas.No matter how big the wind and rain is, you will be able to protect your home and property as always. You can view the real-time monitoring situation through the network camera APP installed on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.