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Home network camera


Home network camera, compact, functional, to meet the use of home users.No matter be installed in outdoor or indoor network camera, practical function must be satisfied.How about this home webcam?

Home network camera

A main account can support 3 to 5 months account simultaneous use through sharing, just meet the needs of adults installed in the family, no matter when and where can be viewed through the mobile phone installed network camera APP.

Movement detection function, whether installed in the outdoor or indoor network camera is the ultimate purpose of burglar warning, protect the safety of family and property, network camera can be bound through the mailbox or mobile phone number in time to push the abnormal situation to the user, so that the user can do a good job in time.

Voice call, built-in high-definition MIC and microphone, miss children or want to see the family, you can be installed at any time through the network camera APP and family real-time call.Instead of being confined to WeChat or a phone, you can communicate with people on the monitor while watching video.The home webcam also has the pan-head function. The webcam APP installed on the phone allows you to view every corner in 360 degrees without dead ends, and to cover the whole area by rotating horizontally or vertically at different angles.One pan-head webcam can replace multiple traditional cameras.