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Camera connection network


Surveillance cameras, webcams do you need to connect to the network as complicated as the traditional network?Some users do not know how to choose the right way to install the network camera after buying it. They have been struggling with whether to pay someone to help them install it. Let's learn about it!

High definition webcam


The traditional network camera connection uses a network cable to connect to a PC or router.Open the outer package, take out the camera, install the network video software on the PC from the attached software CD, connect the power supply to the camera (connect with the original power supply), then connect the camera to the PC or router with the network cable, make sure that the network cable is connected properly (the yellow and green signal light on the back of the camera is normal).

 High definition webcam

Now the popular wireless network camera is connected to the network. The user only needs to install the network camera in the appropriate position, connect the power supply, scan the QR code on the manual to download the network camera APP on the smartphone, and connect the next step according to the instructions after installation.