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Network camera power supply


How are the webcams powered?Especially installed in the rural areas where wiring is not convenient, how to solve the problem of power supply?Xiaobian recommends you can consider these aspects.

HD webcam

Battery network camera, users can choose to use rechargeable battery network camera, 18650 mA double battery, a charge can be used for 180 days, can save electricity and can not affect the normal use of network camera, is very suitable for business or play users, to protect the safety of property.

HD webcam

Some users think that after the network camera is installed, it is too troublesome to take off the battery inside to charge it regularly. The small edition recommends that you can choose the battery network camera that can be connected to the solar panel, so as to solve the problem of the user's long-term normal use of the network camera.There is also a way to power the network camera is directly connected to the home power supply, the network camera is fixed in the appropriate position, connected to the power supply, mobile phone scan the QR code on the manual to download the network camera APP, according to the prompts can be connected.