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Surveillance cameras view the video


    Are security cameras only allowed to watch seven days of video?Can you watch the video from 2 months ago?Some friends only remember to install the surveillance camera to look back when they miss some situation or need to view the previous video, but they always can't find the video they want to watch.

surveillance camera

    According to characteristics of commonly used surveillance cameras, surveillance camera video storage memory card and how to reside cloud network storage way, the fuselage memory card storage according to the size of the memory card capacity and video space determines the storage time of the video, with average 128 g of video storage memory card can record video about one week can fill,If the user does not timely backup, the circular recording will be automatically covered. Therefore, if the user chooses to install the memory card to store the recorded video, it is recommended to backup it regularly. Anchor cloud network storage generally requires the user to spend a certain amount of money in order to enjoy a certain amount of network space for video storage.Therefore, if users do not want to go to too much trouble to backup their videos, they can choose to pay for the storage of videos in the Anju.com cloud space, so that they can view the recorded videos at different times at any time.