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Outdoor network camera


      The heavy rain in Henan gave everyone a scare, flooding everywhere, power outages, surveillance cameras, network cameras and security products can not work properly because there is no power.So xiaobian, outdoor security monitoring to choose a battery network camera is more important.

network camera

      The waterproof function of the security network camera installed in the outdoor needs to be considered. The waterproof function of IP65 can meet the clear response to the heavy rain in Henan, and always does not affect the use of security monitoring.The user only needs to choose the right position to fix the battery network camera.

network camera

      It may also be difficult for users, especially the elderly at home, to take off the battery and charge the outdoor webcam regularly. Then connect a solar panel to solve this problem and ensure the normal operation of the outdoor webcam.Choose network camera, especially outdoor network camera, waterproof is the first consideration of the function, other functions users can according to their budget or need to choose additional other functions can be.