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Home HD Camera


    What are the features of hd home surveillance cameras?What kind of home surveillance camera can cost the least amount of money and achieve the desired effect?Some users in the purchase of home surveillance camera after the total feeling is not their favorite style, let's look at the choice of home surveillance camera main focus of it!
surveillance camera

    Hd resolution, more than 2 million shooting pixels, basically can meet the daily use, so some users in the choice of home hd home surveillance camera choose 2 million to 3 million pixel surveillance camera can meet the use.

    If it is a home HD surveillance camera installed indoors, the volume is not recommended to be too large, otherwise it will cause too much pressure. Choose a small wireless surveillance camera with a PTZ, which can meet the needs of indoor installation at home.

    In addition to the security monitoring products can be clearly monitored during the day, the scene at night also needs to keep clear, infrared night vision function 4 940NM patch infrared lamp, 7 meters effective, turned off the light at night is still clearly visible.To meet these broad framework features, other users only need to buy according to their budget can be selected.