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How to choose a home Webcam


    Remote monitoring can be installed on a mobile phone or computer, even if they work in a far away place and can not be at home for a long time, may be clear and anywhere in the home insight into everything.So how to choose the home monitoring installation system and installation location, network requirements and other aspects of the need to do some analysis and research to choose a more suitable for their own products.


    1, the webcam selection installation is simple

Home webcams should be selected as easy to install as possible. You can choose non-linear to reduce the laying of lines in the room, and only need to configure a wireless router. At present, almost every family has a wireless router, so the camera can be placed where the router can cover through coordination.

    2. The webcam is small

For home with the old man or children need please housekeeping situation of nursing staff, to be on the safe side, many people would consider placing a webcam, but such monitoring may cause uncomfortable feeling to housekeeping personnel psychology, so advice in choosing a camera as far as possible put in hidden places, this is not easy to be found, don't be a foreign body, otherwise the effect picture.

    3, the picture is clear

Currently, the used network cameras have more than 2 million pixels, which can basically meet the daily use. Users need to select 1920X1080 resolution products with more than 2 million pixels when choosing the network camera surveillance camera, so as to ensure the clear picture quality in the use process and ensure the clear video recorded.